On Site and Offshore

This is the preferred option when 'local' knowledge is necessary and CaddyCode team has to work as a part of the larger client team. This model is also recommended if user requirements are changing very rapidly. During the assignment, our team members report to the onsite project manager. At the same time, they will also be reporting to our offices onsite and if required, to our offshore office on a weekly basis.

Value Proposition

Clients can choose from various business models viz., fixed bid, build-operate-transfer, time & material or even a mix of these models. Some of the visible benefits are, Maximizes efficiency in terms of both resources and costs, 24-hour work cycles, Project teams with cross-platform expertise, Ability to quickly ramp-up or ramp-down project teams to reflect changing project requirements

Our core values are

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Diversity
  • Desire to share knowledge, achievements, and experiences
  • Dedication and passion
  • Talent retention and continuous motivation


To help our clients make distinctive improvements by leveraging best-of-breed technology and to build a great firm that is profitable and appeals to, helps develop and retains exceptional people.


To Support patrons who wish to offshore and explore the possibility of a better IT Solution at lower hourly rates. To provide complete solution on Product Development and Maintenance.

We Will Support You

we have working for us. It is therefore essential that we not only attract the right people, but also retain those talented individuals that help us deliver and grow our business. We are open to provide unmatched support 24/7

Why Choose Us

""CaddyCode was found in January 2012 with a vision to support patrons who wish to offshore and explore the possibility of a better IT Solution"

In golf, a caddy (or caddie) is the person who carries a player's bag and clubs, and gives insightful advice and moral support. A good caddy is aware of the challenges and obstacles of the golf course being played, along with the best strategy in playing it.. Similarly CaddyCode is set up to Assist patrons in their IT Application, Migration and Support. We believe in assisting companies and maximizing their deliverables.

CaddyCode Solutions can assist customers on their daily IT needs with a competitive cost structure. We offer various business Models to suit customers requirement. Some of our clients include business from industry verticals like logistics, E-Commerce , and Self-Storage organizations from Iceland and USA.