Caddy code offers Impactful, effective, result-oriented SEO AUDIT. We help your brand gain visibility; improve brand presence in Organic search results.

Refining your business’s organic search yield in all search results is now possible with SEO Audit. Whether your website has been through major renovation , amendment or was in a state of absolute neglect- it is almost impossible to find how is it performing , We take the speculation out of SEO by allocating prioritized references and deliverables you can implement instantly to escalate your site’s performance by SEO site audit.

Dominant, simple & consistent Website audit

What you want us to do? What your company objective is? What has been your experience so far regarding website SEO Audit are important for us to know, so we can create a true product

SEO Audit Services

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business.

SEO Audit Services
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Our Story

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create a trully unique and unforgettable experience.



We are adept in planning one’s company objectives with the right strategies and its implementation plan, various platforms offer the right tool to navigate your purpose for exposure, branding, and focus advertisement while at the same time drive traffic in an organic manner.



We always identify the best solutions by understanding what our clients want, create strategic objectives and conduct detail R&D before we go ahead with ambitious media planning and report creation

What We do?

We offer solutions and answer to our client’s inquisitive questions pertaining
to website SEO Audit

We inspect your website page by page SEO page Audits

We perform specialized audits to accelerate the website’s rank in all Organic Search results.

SEO Audits are conducted using dedicated tools handled by Caddy code SEO consultants.

We meet our clients every fortnight , every menu and topics are run through our experts, who creates detailed audits by our developer(s), content editor(s), or designer).

Why do you need an SEO audit:
Content is not updated and does not feature on Organic search
Content duplication causing overlapping indexation
Delayed page loading time making visitors irritatedn
Reduced traffic can be a cause of website migration, mis-link, re-branding
http:// (unsecure website) triggers warning on the browser.
Hidden content causes indexation worries
Technical debt caused by plugins and other technology can cause overlapping.

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Advantages of an SEO audit?

Keep a tab on your website’s digital health

Improve visit experience

Recognize content opportunities

Simplifying ranking procedure