From Kanban to Scrum – Increase transparency in your processes by breaking complex tasks into small chunks, focusing on quality delivery.

Global Clients

Dynamic client support in various domains including e-commerce, supply chain management, freight forwarding, marketing, and digital media applications.

Technology Expertise

Proven industry experience to offer services using different kinds of CMS tools and technologies like Umbraco, DNN, ASP.Net, MVC.

Agile Process

Client/Product-Centric agile teams which focuses on delivering a workable piece of software unit for the end users, instead of focusing on deadline deliverables.

Is your daily IT Solution on POWER MODE?

Caddy Code offers you a powerful combination of application development, responsive IT Solution, marketing & optimization fuelled with seamless integration with all other application.

CaddyCode On Power Mode


Our expertise in managing multitude of services these days are completely different from the IT services offered in the past. We help you with intuitive, responsive IT solutions that assist your business achieve the optimum.


We are the qualified address for all your SaaS-Based application. We leverage our development competences across multiple technologies to scale-up new product ideas to even newer heights.

Fast Support

Committed and efficient, we are the new destination addressing all your needs in the most competitive manner. Each stage of development involves rigorous audits and tests to ensure high level of performance, a collected way to serve our clients better, serve faster.