From Kanban to Scrum – Increase transparency in your processes by breaking complex tasks into small chunks, focusing on quality delivery.

Global Clients

Dynamic client support in various domains including e-commerce, supply chain management, freight forwarding, marketing, and digital media applications.

Technology Expertise

Proven industry experience to offer services using different kinds of CMS tools and technologies like Umbraco, DNN, ASP.Net, MVC.

Agile Process

Client/Product-Centric agile teams which focuses on delivering a workable piece of software unit for the end users, instead of focusing on deadline deliverables.

Is your daily IT Solution on POWER MODE?

Caddy Code offers you a powerful combination of application development, responsive IT Solution, marketing & optimization fuelled with seamless integration with all other application.

CaddyCode On Power Mode


Our expertise in managing multitude of services these days are completely different from the IT services offered in the past. We help you with intuitive, responsive IT solutions that assist your business achieve the optimum.


We are the qualified address for all your SaaS-Based application. We leverage our development competences across multiple technologies to scale-up new product ideas to even newer heights.

Fast Support

Committed and efficient, we are the new destination addressing all your needs in the most competitive manner. Each stage of development involves rigorous audits and tests to ensure high level of performance, a collected way to serve our clients better, serve faster.

We know what it takes to build a great product

Product development Software is more than Delivering Intellectual, inexpensive, custom software solutions for clients

Worried About Product

Are you Worried that your end- product won’t precisely reproduce your requirements?

When we create a software, we leave nothing to fortuitous. We don’t presume; we question, conceptualize and articulate into “the perfect” plan. The concreteness of this plan is the prototype (the conception of the plan) and the functional idea (the written outline). Both ensure that you’re getting exactly what we promised and you expected to.

Quicker product development

Quicker product development, lower costs and Quality assurance

The term product development , affordable rates and quality assurance has become synonym with our brand , with years of cumulative expertise and 10000’s of experienced development hours , we combine agility , instructiveness, iterative development style and various techniques to offer the perfect product output with exceeded quality for every Product enhancement, customization , platform migration and Product development task.

Quicker product development

Upkeep and end-to-end support to satisfaction

We ensure that you get a flexible approach to preparation, enhancement , development as well as continuous support , regular updates on status, and a quick response from us if circumstances demand – all these and more to ensure that we upkeep all information and offer end-to-end support throughout and offer you seamless post product support as well.

Our Finest Product

6Storage Saas Product

At 6Storage, we have outreached our network globally and are a known name in the ever expanding self-storage management segment. The All-inclusive self-storage software offers owners independence , flexibility and the perfect solution to own , manage and cater to all requirement in a click

We offer the right Self-storage solution for all your need.



The user-friendly dashboard offers real-time access of their storage, facilitating clients with cloud based accessibility round the clock.

Our Amazing Partner

SendGrid- The name one reckons for E-Mail marketing!
Come be a part of the Next Gen E-Mail Marketing with

SendGrid holds a prominent position as the Industry leader for its Cloud email substructure and implements the most operative and easy-to-use application to short emails .
Caddycode’s partnership with SendGrid has strengthened the reliability, marketing and productivity aspect of both the brands. The perfect use of customizing the marketing workflow in order to guide clients and their business reach the right target audience with email is a MUST these days and we at SendGrid trigger these by robust email marketing along with drafting, sending and managing all marketing emails.
Come be a part of the Next Gen E-Mail Marketing with


What Our Clients Say

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

First Class

We here at Handy Networks have been working with Caddy Code for two years and I can’t say enough about what a pleasure it has been. Their technical knowhow is second to none and their support amazing. We are based in the Unites States and despite the time difference their response time is immediate any time of day or night. Being a Managed Service Provider we are very particular about with whom we align ourselves and we are happy we have done so with Caddy Code.

William Mackey

VP Business Development