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With new technologies and software coming up with new updates almost every day, it's time we spend some time learning what IoT is all about. So, we are organizing a workshop on the topics related to "IOT - Industrial 4.0" as to open a window of learning for our employees. Please join the session and make the most out of it.


People do get puzzled about the role of a Scrum Master or an Agile Coach and the questions that usually arise are.

  • Is Scrum Master a social butterfly?

  • Can an introvert be a Scrum Master?

  • Should I go to an extent and understand human behavior?

  • Do I need human psychology?

  • Are Social skills necessary?

  • Is it mandatory to learn and practice social interactions?

  • Do I need to learn social behavior?

In this meetup, we will find answers to all of these related questions with some tools and techniques that could help us acquire social skills.

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Impact Mapping is a tool that helps product teams and stakeholders in the organization to collaborate & create user stories that connect to user needs and as well as organizational goals.

Impact maps show assumptions and a connection between business goals, impacts on users and stakeholders, and team deliverables. Anyone who is working on a product can use this tool.

In this meetup, we will work together in identifying a business goal, or a user problem and expand it to user stories.

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Effective communication and situational awareness workshop

We are in the era of communication where for every millisecond a million communication happening around. In a world as free as ours, expressing our thoughts and understanding ideas in a common tongue should not be an obstacle to acquire knowledge and learning